Ninja Dice

By Greenbrier Games

Designed by Rocco Privetera


Ninja Dice is a lighthearted game with an interesting twist. Like all fun dice games which may also be found on sites such as 해외토토, it is part luck and part strategy. You are a ninja, encountering guards, residents, and locked areas. Your goal is to collect as much treasure as you can by pacifying as many obstacles as possible, solidifying your rank as the best ninja who ever ninja’d. As you try to collect the right dice combinations to gain treasure, your opponents are attempting to steal treasure and make your time run short. The player with the most treasure at the end of the game wins. This game is for two to five players and runs for about thirty minutes.

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The most refreshing part of Ninja Dice was the dice location aspect. You get to choose where you place the dice that you are keeping on the table. This is important because when you or your opponents wish to target specific dice, the targeted dice have to fall within the proper territory to become affected. For example: the luck dice have a line along one side. If the luck dice were to add a boost to another dice, the other dice have to be in front of that line. Any dice behind that line are not available to receive a boost of luck. It is the same for when an opponent receives the symbol that allows them to steal treasure. If your dice are in front of the line, your opponent may steal treasure from you. If your dice fall behind that line, then your treasure is safe.

Overall it was a fun game that comes in cute ninja packaging. It is scheduled to be released sometime this spring with a price point of $20-25. They will also be releasing an expansion pack of cards that add an extra challenge portion to the game. You get to choose which challenge to take on, adding difficulty to your turn, but also increasing your rewards should you succeed. I hope to pick up my pre-release copy at Pax East.

Bits and Pieces

Who wouldn’t love a package shaped like a ninja? The dice are well made with unique pictures on them and the coins are plastic. There aren’t a ton of components to this game and it doesn’t need a lot. Ninja Dice is simple and elegant as it is.


Ninja Dice is a lot of fun. The people who made it are passionate about it and Wayne and I had a blast playing at TotalCon.

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