One of my newest things is finding worthy projects on Kickstarter and backing them.

As an avid board gamer, most of the projects I am backing are board & card game related. I wanted to take a minute to tell everyone about a great looking card game called Farmageddon.


Description of the game from the rules:

Farmageddon is a game of chance, strategy, and agricultural mayhem. Harvest your Crops before your no-good-for-nothing opponents sabotage things for their own gain! The farmer with the most valuable Harvest at the end of the game wins!

Check out the Rules here.

The game looks fantastic and after reading through the rules and action cards, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I first happened across this game and concept when the designer (Grant) and I had a quick conversation on the chat over at The Game Crafter (TCG) website. I forget exactly what my question was but Grant was incredibly helpful, and I bookmarked his game to buy later. Then one day when going though my bookmarks Farmageddon came up. So I headed over to TCG and looked for it. No dice. Then I remembered he had a page over on Boadgamegeek. So I headed over there and found that the game was picked up by 5th Street Games and is in the process of a Kickstarter campaign.

I immediately backed the game and was pleasantly surprised in the amount of others who decided to back this cool game concept.

Right now Farmageddon’s Kickstarter has just under 16 hours to go and is almost at 25k the last of its overfunding goals. I want to ask you all to please take a look, and possibly back the game and help a designer’s dream come through.

Visit the Kickstarter page here.

Also check out the video below