Last Saturday we partnered with the Portsmouth Public Library to offer a community gaming event from 1:00pm-3:30pm (we went until 4:30 because we were having so much fun!). It was a great first event and I look forward to many more in 2012.

The idea started a while ago when I started a conversation with the library about them possibly hosting a gaming event. We decided to schedule the event for one saturday a month, and booked a few to see how it goes. If our first event is any indication, we have a hit on our hands. After some good promoting by both parties, we packed the room. At one time during the day we had 35+ people playing games. The most wonderful thing about this number is that there were people of all ages and levels of gaming interest represented. It was fantastic to see so many people laughing and having a blast playing games face to face.

There were many games played and they ranged from traditional favorites like cribbage and Rummikub to award-winning euro games such as 7 wonders and Alhambra and everything in-between. To my count (I may have missed a game) there were a total of 15 different titles enjoyed over the 3 1/2 hours we were there.

The one thing that was apparent is the love for certain games and the need to connect players with others who enjoy these games. There were a few people who attended the event looking for a group to play their favorite game, but sadly we could not get every game on the table in one sitting. Look for some gaming event soon from us focusing on certain well-loved traditional games.

I would like to thank the library for hosting the event and everyone who stepped up and helped teach games. As well as all the people who came out and gamed with us.

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Games Played

Here is a list of the games we played. Please check to see if these are available at your Favorite Local Game Store.

If you can’t find them there or would prefer to buy online please click the links/photos below to order from Amazon and support our efforts to bring more community gaming to the Seacoast.

The list:

Rummikub, Triplica, Ascension, Citadels, Nine Men’s Morris, Alhambra, Forbidden Island , Micro Mutants, Castle Panic, Eminent Domain, 7 Wonders , Deadwood, Cribbage  Crokinole, Tsuro