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Apples to Apples by Mattel – $15 on Amazon
A party game classic! Apples to Apples has been around for a while now and is a staple in any party game kit. The player serving as judge for that turn chooses a green apple card, which has an adjective on it. The other players, who have hands of red cards, each choose their card that is best described by the green apple card. The judge then selects the red apple card he or she likes the most and awards a point to that player. The judge position then shifts around the table. This game is a great get-to-know-you game and is always full of laughter.

Blokus by Mattel – $25 on Amazon

In Blokus, players try to place as many Tetris-like pieces on the board as possible while blocking their opponents. A piece may only be played if it touches the corner of one of that player’s pieces already on the board. This game is a hit with children and adults alike, and is challenging for all ages.

Forbidden Island by Gamewright – $13.78 on Amazon

In Forbidden Island, players work cooperatively to save four ancient artifacts hidden on a sinking island. Players must navigate a randomly set-up board of tiles in order to collect cards that will help them save the artifacts. Each turn, more and more of the island sinks, and players have to work as a team to avoid becoming stranded. Once the players have successfully retrieved all four artifacts, they must travel to Fools’ Landing and use a helicopter card to escape the island. Gamewright always has high production values and this game has a great tin and bits. The game is full of suspense, and its cooperative play will make it a welcome addition to any family’s library.

Jukem Football by Flying Pig Games, LLC – $15.75 on Amazon

Jukem Football is a family fun card game in which you try to outscore your opponent. You do this by playing run cards and pairing up pass and catch cards to make touchdowns. There are also defensive cards that can be added into the rookie deck to change-up game play. A quick game that plays in about 20 minutes or so, which is great for families on the go.

Triplica by Fun Q Games – $14.99 on Amazon

In Triplica, each player is given a secret goal card representing one of the symbols in the game. Players then place cards onto piles in the middle of the table, trying to create three of their goal shapes in a row. This game was very popular with the middle school students I worked with during the summer; we took it everywhere and it held up great! The game scales well with different numbers of players and is as much fun with two as it is with six.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the great family games out there, just a few suggestions.

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