A game of Stomple in progress.

When I visit gaming conventions such as GenCon I always find new games like roulette games from At GenCon this year I managed to bring home a few and last Thursday we hosted a 4 hour game night to try them out.

I tried something different this time and rented space at the local Comfort Inn. They gave me a  pretty good great deal, but it was still a payed space which I try to avoid. The space was setup nicely and we had plenty of room to game. Some new faces were in attendance as well as the regulars, and we had a nice crowd for gaming.

The first game up was Stomple, a quick strategy game of stomping marbles and being the last player on the board. Soon after the first marble was stomped, Brett from Wicked North Games came in with my signed copy of Azamar in hand and joined in (the book looks awesome congrats!). As we played and laughed, I was happy to see a familiar face from my gaming youth, Jim. I have not seen Jim since his last Jumpgate Games Weekend. Which by a strange coincidence was held in the same hotel room, and stranger still we were playing Stomple in the exact spot as my Toon game that Jim ran some 6+ years ago. He’s back in the area and will be joining us for more gaming soon.

Once the crowd grew we split up into two groups to play Red Dragon Inn and Food Fight. Since Keith and Matthew had played Red Dragon Inn at the Game Night at CrackSkull’s IV Wednesday August 31st 6pm-8:30pm.

The Games