Last Saturday Matt, Keith and I took the journey up to Bruswick, Maine to take part in the 1st Annual Norther New England BGG Meetup.

I am happy to say that it was well worth the trip and we had a great time.

The Games

Wayne teaching Quarriors!

I took the opportunity to sign up to run a few games. First slot I ran Quarriors!, the new dice based deck building game by WizKids. I picked Quarriors up while at GenCon, and really enjoyed the game, a lot of people have enjoyed online casino games but so is California going to overtake Nevada as the USA gambling state?. This was my first time teaching it, and things went pretty smoothly with only a few flub ups in my explanation. There were three other players including myself, Chris and Melanie from the Bangor Gamers and Jeremy from Crossroad Games. We played one game and then got 80% through another before cleaning up for session two. I really enjoy the game and suggest it to anyone who enjoys the deck building genre of games.

After teaching Quarriors I sat down for a game of Puerto Rico. I finally got to play it at PaxEast earlier this year and really enjoyed myself. The game went well and it was close in the end game. Puerto Rico is a game of pure strategy with the only luck being what person before you chooses to do, and what plantations come up.

Then we broke for lunch and I enjoyed a tasty quesadilla from Lola’s Tacos. Fresh good food that filled me up for an afternoon full of gaming. Check them out if you are ever in town.

A semi cooperative deck building game.

Then when we got back I purchased Rune Age. We muddled through the rules and played through a pretty fun first game. It’s a semi cooperative deck building game unlike any I have ever played, but other compared them to FFG’s Living Card Games. We each played a faction and had a home area to protect. We purchased units and special cards and battled over natural locations as well as attacking each others home areas. There was also an event deck that added some random elements to the game. The goal of the game was to kill one of the Dragonlords. We barely completed it right at the end of the 3rd session.

Buy Red Dragon Inn Today!

The last session I ran some games of Red Dragon Inn. Red Dragon Inn starts off right after your adventure ends and your party has settled down for drinks at the local tavern. The last party member who is conscious with money in their pocket wins. The game is very tounge in cheek in its humor and players are constantly interacting through cards and rounds of gambling. Each character has something they are good at and makes it so you are able to try different characters each game. Everyone had a blast with it and I played my first game with more than 4 players. It worked well and we played through two games before picking up and heading home.

The Event

The event was fantastic. It was well-organized and the people who attended were all friendly and welcoming. The space was nice and there was a great turn out for a first year event. I hope to return next year and play/run some more games with this group.