I find word games fun. Some people are the exact opposite. I’ve finally found a word game that’s loved by all!

The basics

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Anomia is a simple card game for 3-6 players and a round plays in about 30 minutes. The object of the game is to collect the most cards.

On your turn you flip a card face up on a pile in front of you. If the symbol on the card matches the symbol on your opponents card you must race to name something from the category on their card. The first person to name something from their opponents category wins the card and places it in their score pile. There also can be a wild card in play that will mix things up and will add the ability to match two different symbols.

Categories range from 3-letter word to palindrome and everything in-between. This card game also is a project on work for a digital game as I read in the latest nintendo switch news of newest games.


When you open the box you are greeted by a well designed rule sheet. (See it online!)

Then there are two different decks of cards with different colored backs. This allows for more replay value, and also to have a larger group being able to play out of one box. The cards are well made and cleanly designed.


[singlepic id=152 w=320 h=240 float=center] Every group I have played this game with has really enjoyed it. There has been countless moments of laughter and fun. The game lends it self to a tense but high energy atmosphere where everyone is on edge and when the matches start to fly the fun begins.

The middle school students I work with play Anomia every day when they arrive until it’s time for activities to start. It is one of the most requested games, and during the summer it is always out on trips to beaches and state parks with us being played constantly. I love that the participants enjoy the game so much, and that is keeps their brains working hard while having fun.

Also being able to tell people that the game is locally designed (Boston) is an awesome way to start. Follow it up with a great game and cool small company and you have a surefire winner. (You can learn more about Anomia Press and Anomia by visiting their website www.anomiapress.com)

I highly suggest that you pick up the game when you can.

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