Have you ever wanted to just let loose and have good old-fashioned fun with an RPG? Well, here’s your chance!

In the upcoming Argyle & Crew RPG written by Ben Gerber (@Trollitc) players and guides create Soppets (sock puppets) to help tell the story.

The BasicsSockto

When you begin the game for the first time you are required to make your Soppet. When making your creation you get the chance to add two extras. These extra object are anything you wish and will allow your Soppet to do amazing things. For instance, you could add wings to make your Soppet Fly or special X-ray glasses to make them be able to see through walls.

Then one player will take on the role of the guide and will oversee the story. The guide will decide on a Goal for the game. This goal is stated or hidden from the players. Players with the help of the Guide then create a story using their Soppets and props.

There are also rules included to make Argyle & Crew into a lite RPG. These rules are well thought out and add enough to satisfy those who want to add an RPG element to it without breaking away from the collaborative story telling aspect.


I really enjoy the theme of this game and being someone who game with children, and child like adults, I can see this being a game that has endless limits. Ben is also working on creating lesson plans to include with the game which will allow teachers to use Argyle and Crew in the classroom and donating 25% of the proceeds from the game to charity. (The Wayne Foundation)

I have just finished reading through the preview PDF and have found it really clear and well organized. I am headed out to GenCon Tuesday, but when I return I will be running a campaign with middle school students. I also can see this being fun to run at a convention with Adults to break the sometimes dullness that can be had from sitting around a table all day.

Argyle & Crew needs YOUR help!

Now onto the last part of this “review”. In order for Argyle & Crew to become a fully produced game and for the world to experience this awesome game, Ben has started a Kickstarter project. For those of you who do not know how kickstarter works here is the basic idea.

1.) A project sets a goal and has a deadline to meet it.

2.) People (like YOU) back the ideas they support and pledge money to help.

3.) Backers get rewards for backing a project. The more you pledge the cooler the reward.

4.) If the project reaches its goal by the deadline. It’s funded and the backers are charged. (If not no one gets charged and the project is not funded)

Here are the up to date numbers:

If you can Support this project please do!

Check out this Teaser Video and visit the Argyle and Crew pledge here.

For more information on Argyle & Crew visit Troll in the Corner or The Kickstarter Page