We leave for GenCon Indy in one week!

It’s exciting to once again be headed to the best four days in gaming. Each year it gets better and better. I now have a clear idea of what I want to get out of the convention, and I am able to plan accordingly.

As I sit here and try to plan out my weekend I realize that some of the best moments at GenCon have been the unplanned ones. That is why the only things we have scheduled this year are TrueDungeon and Terrorwerks. We have been attending true dungeon since our first GenCon and have never been disappointed. This will be our first year for Terrorwerks though, so if you have any suggestions or tips please let us know.

Two years ago we found the board gaming room, and we will be there every evening after the exhibit hall closes for the day. It has been great meeting so many gamers in the board game room and being able to try out some games we may never have played if we did not go into the board game room. It will be interesting to see how they format it this year and what the new space looks like.

Also this year, we will have a copy of a simple card game we are developing on hand to get some play testing in along with bringing a friends game (A Villians & Vigilantes CCG) to test along too.

If you are interested in trying out either game we will be bringing with us, would like to share one of your games or a favorite, or would just like to game with a couple of cool fellers from New Hampshire, please send me a tweet or an email with your details. (Twitter – @SagesOfRPG Email- Wayne (a) sagesofrpg.com)

See you at the con!