We headed to Pax East 2011 at the Boston Convention center this past weekend to take in all the sights. We headed down on Saturday and Sunday and had a great time.

Saturday was our first day at the Con and there was alot to see. We walked in got our swag bags, and even with over 70,000 people in the hall the first person we saw was Ben from Troll In the Corner. We said hello heard about how his Friday was and then setup a time to meet for some gaming in the open gaming area.

The convention was huge, there was a lot to take in. We searched high and low and finally found the coat check, checked our coats and then it was on. Heading into the main exhibit hall we were instantly greeted by Geek Chic and their amazing gaming tables, along with lots of lights and sounds from all the video game booths. Taking our time we walked up and down each row and soaked everything in.

After walking around the hall for a bit we headed over to the Tabletop Gaming Library. The Tabletop library was open to all Pax attendes and was well stocked with all the best board, card, and roleplaying games. You just find a game you want to play, check it out by giving them you photo ID, and then find people to play with. If you liked what you checked out, you could buy it at a great price. They had the top 20 best gaming desktops for 1500 or less. That’s at least 25% off what you would pay at a gaming store! They even had a twitter hashtag, and various LFG(Looking for group/game) signs that helped you find those extra players you needed.

My first game was with guy (i forget his name). We played Tsuro, a tile laying game. Next I met up with Jim White for a rousing game of Bohnanza. It had been a while since my last game of bean farming fun, so I was a bit rusty. I caught on fast, but still lost by a large margin. Then Jim and I set out to find Ben and ___. When we found them, they were in the middle of an intense game of Magic the Gathering. So we waited for them to be done and then sat down to play Survive. I had played survive last weekend at Carnage at the Castle at the Game Castle with the guys from Carnage Con. I really enjoyed the game, and one of my missions at the con was to find a copy. I did, and we broke it open to play just moments after I purchased it. Somehow however, during the setup I managed to lose one of my tiles! Grrrr. We had a fun time playing the game, and then we parted ways once again.

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