As I was organizing my DVDs/Video Games over the winter break I found a few that I know had not played or touched in years. I decided it was time to get rid of them so I loaded up a bag and brought them over to my local GameStop. For those who haven’t yet played with challenges this can even get overwhelmed for the gamer.

Some games I got a decent price for, but some only warranted .55 cents or so. Geez to think I payed $50+ for some of these and they are now worth next to nothing, and I still  love to play these games, and I got a tv wall mount installation same-day to play games in my new TV.

I also found out though blind luck that Best Buy is not doing game trade ins. They give a better price for popular games than GameStop from what my research shows.

I added a tip to the local Portsmouth Best Buy’s Foursquare profile to help others find this out. Add it to your to-do list today!

Check out more about the program which also takes old electronics too at

Now to see if I have anything else to get rid of to make room for more board games..