We recently got some sweet custom dice from Chessex

I decided I wanted to do some sort of project with the dice rather than just handing them out to every person who was interested. So I decided to make a game for myself and others at GenCon.

Throughout the convention if you find someone wearing a Sages of RPG logo shirt just ask them for a die.

All we ask is three things from you:

  1. Your name
  2. Where you are from
  3. A photo of you with the die

I will be updating this post through out the convention with information on who have our dice.

Our goal is to hand out and “catalog” at least 25 dice during the convention. Please help us with this goal!

It should be a blast. I will tweet where we will be every now and then during the con so be sure to follow @SagesOfRPG on twitter and the #SagesDice hashtag to get in on the free dice.

See you at the con!

Click “Continue Reading” for the list of who has gotten a die so far.

  1. Ben Greenslade – Portsmouth, NH
  2. Geocache – Pennsy Trail, IN
  3. Jennifer Beach – Cheese Weasel
  4. David Perez – Highmoon’s Ponderings (Miami, FL) – @Highmoon
  5. ChattyDM – Musings of the Chatty DM (Montreal, QC Canada) – @ChattyDM
  6. Chris Paramas – Green Ronin Publishing (Seattle, WA)
  7. Dave Hornak – Scotty’s Brewhouse (Indianapolis, IN) – @IndyDavScottys
  8. Kylee Lane – Luxury Lane Soap (Iowa) – @KyleeLane
  9. Lesley Larpiuk – Geeksoap (Indianapolis, IN) – @GeekSoap
  10. Eric Deschamps – Magic Artist (Website)
  11. Brian Harning (NH)
  12. Keith Moulton (Pensauken, NJ)
  13. Donna Prior (Seattle, WA)- Twitter
  14. Mark Slack – Moostache Games (San Francisco, CA)- @Macadosche
  15. Curt Covert –Smirk and Dagger(CT)
  16. Patrick – Video Gaming at 30 (Chicago, IL) – @VideoGamingat30
  17. Kim – Video Gaming at 30 (Chicago, IL) – @VideoGamingat30
  18. Shoshanna Bauer – Shoshanna’s Art (Champaign, IL) – @gamerchick2010
  19. Mike Bohlmann – BySwarm (Champaign, IL) – @excitesme
  20. Zev Shlasinger – Z-Man Games (Mahopac, NY)
  21. Joan Wendland – Blood and Cardstock Games (Sterling, VA)
  22. Michelle Spelman – Jukem Football (Cincinnati, OH) – @JukemFootball
  23. Marissa Moulton – (Pensauken, NJ)

We are continuing this project at events we are at. Be sure to follow @SagesOfRPG on Twitter and watch the #SagesDice hashtag for updated info on the project.

Also we will be keeping a “Living List” of all of the people we have given dice to. Visit it here.