Interactive Presentations

With many years of experience running games in community centers, schools, and conventions, we enjoy crafting and presenting personalized hands-on trainings. We have presented on gamer culture, helped with selecting the perfect games, and facilitated family gaming. We can tailor our workshops to anything you need.

Family Gaming Awareness

Playing games as a family activity allows a family to have fun and bond with one another. We are available to talk with families interested in figuring out how to select the correct games and successfully play those game with their children. We can also provide families with strategies on how to handle any challenging moments that may come along with gaming. Let us help you plan a family game night that you won’t soon forget.

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Game Selection Services

Our master facilitators will help you choose just the right game for your organization or that picky birthday group!

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Staff Training

Would you like to incorporate games into your school or workplace, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Let us help by showing you and your staff how to use games effectively for your particular setting. We can show you how to tailor and modify games to best assist you with education, team building, group dynamics, and so much more.

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Have you ever wanted to have a unique fundraiser that brings people closer together while also supporting your cause? We can help. Through our connection with SimplyFun™ we are able to host community game night fundraisers. Participants play games and then purchase them to enjoy. Your organization earns a percentage of the total sales. As a SimplyFun™ consultant, Wayne would love to help you plan and run a fundraiser with your organization or school. SimplyFun’s™ award-winning games, puppets, and puzzles are sure to delight both young and old, making your fundraiser an event to remember.

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More Programs

After-School Gaming

Wayne Moulton runs a gaming programs for middle school and high school students at New Heights, an after school program in Portsmouth, NH. Wayne runs this program as part of his job as a full-time New Heights staff. While workshops and lectures offered through The Sages of RPG are in no way associated with New Heights, some stories and pictures are shared. The New Heights gaming group meets at the Community Campus in Portsmouth, NH as part of it’s afterschool program.

For more information on how middle school and high school students can participate in the New Heights program, click here to visit

Games Donations for Schools & Community Organizations

As part of our plan to help schools better use non-electronic games in the classroom and to make sure all community organizations are well stocked with quality games, we regularly contact game publishers and collect donations. These donations and any money raised from this ongoing initiative will go towards making sure schools and community organizations have a collection of high-quality “awesome” games for kids to use. The Sages of RPG will visit any school or community organizations that receive these games to make sure the staff know how to play them and properly incorporate them into their existing curriculum.

If you are an individual or a game company who would like to hear more, or if you would like to donate to this program, click here to contact us.