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Our Mission

“To promote face to face interaction, education, and family togetherness through intentional gaming with board, card, and role playing games.”

The Gaming Group

Wayne started an after school gaming program when he was a Sophomore in High School. In 2006, he was asked to give a presentation describing what he had done to make that program successful. He spoke on what non-electronic gaming does for youth, both inside and outside of a school setting, and why it is an important addition to youth programing. Afterwards, with the encouragement from others who wanted to hire Wayne to speak more about kids and games, Wayne decided that the best course of action was to form Sages into a business.

Sages offers a wide variety of educationally focused workshops, programs, and events centered around gaming, as well as hosting game nights, teaching games, and helping individuals find the perfect game for their group or family. To find out more, please visit our services page to see how we can best help you.

Our Team

Wayne Moulton Jr.

Wayne Moulton Jr.

Program Facilitator & Founder

Wayne has been gaming since he was a child. Wayne has a passion for all things gaming and enjoys collecting and sharing unique games. In his professional life he works with people of all ages and abilities to spread his love of the gaming hobby.

Kali Moulton

Kali Moulton

Program Facilitator

Kali has been a gamer since a young age and has worked for many years at both a youth program revolving around games and a game store. She will be writing reviews, facilitating workshops, assisting with game design, creating artwork, and providing her own content for the blog.

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