On February 18th we held our second community gaming event at the Portsmouth Public Library. I was happy to see that our numbers stayed strong again this time with another 30+ people of all ages joining in the gaming fun with cheats like rust cheats.

Once again we had a great mix of all ages, and there were a good number of new faces in the crowd as well as the regular attendees of our events.

The game list saw some favorites return from last time as well as some new games make it to the table. Many people requested or brought certain games to play, which was great as it made packing a little bit easier. The group got settled pretty quickly and I was able to teach 2 or 3 games right off the bat. Everyone enjoyed the games they played and I am looking forward to another meet up on March 31st. To my count (I may have missed a game or two) there were a total of 17 different titles played during this month’s session.

I would like to thank the library for hosting the event, all the gamers who came out, and everyone who helped teach games to keep the day moving smoothly.

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Games Played

Here is a list of the games we played. Please check to see if these are available at your Favorite Local Game Store.

If you can’t find them there or would prefer to buy online please click the links/photos below to order from Amazon and support our efforts to bring more community gaming to the Seacoast.

The list:

Sequence, Smallworld, DominionDominion Intrigue, Ticket to Ride, Zombies!!!, Zombie Fluxx, Zombie Dice, Castle Panic: The Wizard’s Tower, Cash and Guns, Bang!, Mother Sheep, Pack and Stack, Chess,Triplica,  Citadels,  Castle Panic, , 7 Wonders , Revolution!

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